Monday, December 3, 2007

Joe: Hungry for Rudy

We receive about five e-mails a week from the Joe Biden campaign. Most are from Valerie Biden-Owens or other staffers, but we get the occasional missive from the Senator himself.

This one we just had to call to your attention.

SUBJECT: I will eat Rudy Giuliani alive at a debate.

I can't wait to debate Rudy Giuliani.

Over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani attacked the Biden plan for a political solution in Iraq, "They're saying, 'We will divide the country.' (The Iraqi government) has to decide to divide the country. We're trying to create stability over there."

I will eat Rudy Giuliani alive at a debate. Click here to contribute $25, $50, $100 or more to the campaign right now.

The former mayor never misses an opportunity to display how little he knows about foreign policy. My plan is to give regions in Iraq more control over their daily lives. It's a way for states to share power with a central government and achieve a political solution to the chaos there and it was endorsed by a bipartisan majority of 75 Senators, both Republican and Democrat. We've already seen it play out -- where local authorities have been given more control over their affairs, violence has gone down. Meanwhile, the Bush administration's attempt to create a strong central government is still not working -- for all the headlines the surge has created, we're no closer to a political solution in Baghdad than we were when the surge began months ago.

Folks, we've seen how dangerous it is to elect a president who doesn't understand how the world works. The last thing we need in the White House is four years of George W. Giuliani, or George W. Romney. Notice we haven't heard a word about their plans to reach a political solution in Iraq.

I promise you, when I am the Democratic nominee next year, I will eat them alive at the debates.

We are converting supporters here in Iowa at a rate that has us all very excited, but we cannot take anything for granted. We need your help to raise $700,000 this month so we can reach every potential voter. In the final 31 days of the campaign, every contribution -- no matter the amount -- makes a difference.

Every contribution makes a difference. Click here to contribute $25, $50, $100 or more to the campaign right now.

Thank you,

Joe Biden

If you do not yet understand exactly how Joe can play the Iowa caucuses like a fiddle and then emerge as the credible and electable AntiHillary ... well, there's really not much hope for you, is there?

Saturday, November 17, 2007


In the spirit of Joe Biden, let's kick things off with a horrible gaffe...